Holmes and Rahe

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  • Holmes and Rahe
    • What can cause stress?
      • Environmental
        • Pollution
        • Poor housing
        • Lack of access to services
      • Social
        • Family dysfunction
        • Relationship breakdown
        • Bullying
        • Culture and religion
      • Economic
        • Poverty
        • Unemployment
        • Low educational achievement
      • Lifestyle
        • Diet/ nutrition
        • Alcohol
        • Smoking
        • Drug use
        • Exercise
      • Peer pressures
        • Values and attitudes
    • A questionnaire called 'The Social Readjustment Rating Scale'
      • Identified stressful life events
        • 43 life events with a different score for stress level
      • They asked individuals to score how the events they had experienced affected their stress levels
      • They discovered that the higher the score and the more importance of each life event identified, the more likely an individual was to become unwell
    • A total value for stressful life events can be worked out by adding up the score for each experienced over a 12 month period
      • Less than 150 life change units = 30% of suffering from stress
      • 150 - 299 life change units = 50% chance of suffering from stress
      • Over 300 life change units = 80% chance of suffering from stress
    • Weaknesses
      • Does not take individual difference into consideration
      • The scale assumes that each stressor affects people the same way
      • Most people experience major life events very infrequently - a better measure of stress might look at the stresses of daily life (daily hassles)


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