Holy Communion in different Christian Denominations

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  • Holy Communion In different Christian denominations
    • Roman Catholic
      • Worshipers confess their sins to God
      • Bible readings and the Nicene Creed are read
        • these are read by a priests and the sermons are very formal
      • Bread is placed in the mouths by a priest
        • The bread and wine become Jesus body and blood
      • There is a post eucharist prayer said followed by a blessing
      • More serious and formal than protestant
      • Multiple prayers are said
        • Like the Lords prayer
    • Protestant
      • May only be a monthly service
      • Those participating go to the front of the church
      • A minister reads about the Last supper from a gospel
      • Bread and wine are shared and others are blessed
        • Sometimes non alcoholic wine
        • The bread and wine are blessed
        • The bread and wine represent Jesus body and blood
      • Simpler service than the Catholic one
      • The wine is drank from seperate glasses not a single chalice
      • Hymns are sung and Lord's prayer is said


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