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  • Homosexuality
    • Biblical Teaching
      • The bible teaches that all homosexual acts are prohibited.
      • Genesis 2:24 advocates that the only divinely ordained sexual relationship is between two consenting partners of the opposite sex.
        • The relationship is clearly open to the possibility of procreation (parenthood);they are instructed to “…be fruitful and multiply.” (Genesis 1:28)
      • Genesis 19 speaks of God destroying Sodom due to the “…evil of homosexual sex.” (Wilcockson)
      • Leviticus 18 teaches, “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman.”
    • Traditional Christian church teaching
      • All Christian’s agree that every single person is made in the image and likeness of God. The Genesis narrative records that when God rested on the final day of creation, “…God saw everything that he made and indeed it was very good…” (Gen,1.31)
      • Mainstream Christian teaching is that marriage is a sacred and permanent e relationship, exclusively between a man and a woman, for the purpose of parenthood and partnership.
        • They follow an absolutist approach
          • “…it is God’s will that sexual intercourse should take place in the context of monogamous heterosexual marriage.” (Presbyterian Church in Ireland, 2004)
    • Liberal Christian Approach
      • Liberal Christians reflect a situationist stance
        • If love is the most important component of a relationship between 2 people of the same sex, then we should not condemn the relationship
      • Influential theologian Canon Anthony Harvey argued that "Christian teaching should be revised in this area as it has been in other areas such as the acceptance of slavery and the failure to acknowledge the rights of women."
      • Many liberal Christians would speak of the equality and dignity of all people being undermined by current Christian teaching.
        • They would highlight that historically Christian denominations have acted in a discriminatory way towards homosexual members.
          • They would be accepting of civil partnership and same-sex marriage.
    • Christian teaching on homosexuality acknowledges different sexual orientations (not all human beings are heterosexual), the denominations would view homosexual acts as inherently wrong.
      • Same-sex unions can in no way be equivalent to marraige between husband and wif,e
      • Some Christians argue that the call to parenthood and partnership needs to be acknowledged in a broader context.
        • Family and the rights of children are key to the objections of those who oppose same-sex marriage.




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