'Hour' by Carol Ann Duffy

A mindmap guiding you how to write an effective essay in prepartion for your Unseen Petry exam. 

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  • 'Hour' by Carol Ann Duffy
    • Context
    • Attitudes
      • What Attitudes are portrayed in the poem?
    • Language
      • Point
        • In line eight of Duffy's Hour...
        • Where Duffy quotes...
      • Evidence
        • "Quotations"
      • Explanation
        • Why Duffy has used a certain technique.?
        • What effect the tecnique has on the reader?
        • What is Duffy's message?
      • Language Technique
        • Metaphor
        • Simile
        • Untitled
    • Structure
      • Point
        • In line seven...
      • Evidence
        • "........."
      • Explanation
        • Duffy has used this technique to engage the audience
      • Technique
        • Caesura, Stanzas, Sonnett form.
    • Opinion (Conclusion)
      • To conclude, I feel that Hour effectively puts across a message that...
  • By using this mindmap, you could achieve a B at GCSE English Literature (AQA Unit 2)


A. Person


This is a good resource, but 'puts across the message' is a bit of an awkward phrase... 'Conveys the message', 'suggests that', 'implies that' would all be more appropriate. :)

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