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  • How Are Women Represented in Romantic Comedies
    • Introduction
      • Establish that it is a hybrid genre.
      • "If humour establishes the love, courtship provides the plot." - Grindon
      • Commonly branded as "Chick - Flicks" which shows that they're mainly associated with females.
      • The common storyline establishes male dominance / patriarchy
      • Women needing a man to feel loved
    • Paragraph One
      • Women are normally represented negatively
      • Love centred goals
      • 49% of females have a goal, compared to 60% of men.
        • Martha M. Lauzen - "It's a Man's (Celluloid) World: Portrayals of Female Characters in the Top 100 Films of 2015.
      • 78% of men have jobs compared to 61% female.
        • Trainwreck
          • man is surgeon but the woman is a failing journalist
      • Love Rosie
        • Shows a female character who has dreams and a job
        • Doesn't actively look for love.
        • Contrasts the above
    • Paragraph Two
      • Emphasis on women finding men
      • Women are something to be lost and gained
      • Female identification, empowerment in patriarchal structures
        • USES AND GRATS
      • Rom Coms influence real life expectations
        • Dr Michele Shreiber
      • Dr Kratzer - Rom coms can make you feel inferior
        • when life doesn't meet expectations
    • Paragraph Three
      • strict character types.
      • Love Rosie shows a psycho ex and a crazy friend
      • Master of none
        • no strict character types and very representative
        • Tv shows are easy to incorporate romance without it being the main theme
      • The majority, depict that women have to be of these specific things
      • heterosexuality is the norm
        • love rosie and Trainwreck
    • Conclusion
      • overall detrimental to women
      • male writers and directors
        • Can't be an accurate representation of women
        • Trainwreck has a female writer.
      • very few middle aged characters


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