Effects of the war (1793) France

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  • How did the war impact on the French Revolution?
    • The execution of the king
      • For the execution... Robespierre, Danton, Marat, Montagnards and the Sans Culottes
      • Chest of letters shwoing king's unloyalty found - September 1792
      • Montagnards now domintated the convention after Louis' downfall
    • The decline of the Girondins
      • They tried to limit the powers of the commune
      • They were blamed for the failing of the war
      • National Guard surrounded convention and demanded the exectutions of some Girondinds - June 1793
    • Economic problems
      • Food shortages and inflation
        • September 1793 - Sans Culottes march on the convention because of food and unemployment issues
      • Radical measures were put in place to provent it - known as "Terror is order of the day"
      • Civil war in the Vendée
        • Prices rose and so did violence and anger
        • inflation as well meant national guards etc. were being attacked in the provinces
        • 300,000 troops sent to deal with the outburst
    • The rise of the Jacobins
      • Jacobin Montagnards domintaed the convention after the death of the king
      • There was lack of clear control as committees acted how they saw best
      • Marat was murdered - July 1793
    • The power of the Sans Culottes
      • blamed the failure of the war on the Girondins
      • Wanted price controls - general maximum
      • Became increasingly popular within France


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