How effectively did Khrushchev deal with the challenges posed by the Cold War

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  • How effectively did Khrushchev deal with the challenges posed by Cold War?
    • Peaceful coexistence
      • Met with Eisenhower in 1959 and Kennedy in 1961
      • disrupted UN meeting in 1960: "we bury you with our bombs"
      • meetings with presidents didn't go well - meeting with Kennedy resulted in Berlin Wall
    • U2 incident
      • 1st May 1960
        • USA sent U2 plane over Soviet Union and it was shot down
      • Russia didn't attend the summit in Paris when they didn't receive an apology
      • Russia exchanged the pilot for a spy
    • Hungarian Crisis, 1956
      • Hungarian's leader Nagy was trying to make Hungary a completely neutral country
      • There was large protests
        • 20,000 were killed and 200,000 fled when the Soviets invaded
      • Nagy was killed after the West didn't intervene
    • The Berlin Wall
      • 200,000 workers were leaving in 1961
      • Invading Berlin would cause a war, so Khrushchev built a war to maintain peace will securing East Berlin
    • Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962
      • The soviet union was behind the USA in terms of long range missiles so Cuba was a strategic place
      • Outcomes:
        • Hotline
        • Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
        • Khrushchev was seen as the provoker of nuclear war and weak by the Soviet Union


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