how significant was the impact of bombing o germnay

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  • how significant was the impact of bombing on Germany
    • the impact of bombing on the economy
      • air raids drove german people away from cities into the countryside.
      • air raids began in 1940, immediate and dramatic effect, carry the war to German territory. + frequent /intense.
        • hamburg 1943 caused a firestorm and killed 30,000
        • Dresden 1945, 'horror of total war' killing 150,000 + destroyed 70% of property.
      • controversy around the impact of bombing, little impact on production levels, OR put a cap on production.
        • effort put into underground sites rater than the production of war materials.
      • prevented nazis from reaching total war potential?
    • the impact of bombing on morale on the home front
      • geobbels gained popularity by visiting bombed areas, hitler stayed away
      • the shared suffering often bought the nazi people closer together and increased resentment towards the enemy, not a wish to surrender
      • may 1945 people were still willing to fight
        • fear of the soviet and consequences is they were able to advance
          • accounts of soviet soldiers ****** german women
        • feared the radical policies towards the jews and air raids were retribution for the genocide
      • propaganda stated they were winning the war, however the govt did acknowledge the setbacks in fighting unlike in ww1 = attempt to rally the people to work harder
      • end of war saw a rise in violence from nazi on population as the allied forces advanced
        • those who showed signed of wanting surrender = killed by **
        • marches of concentration camp survivors
      • many kept fighting because they shared hitlers view of the future, (1000 year Reich)
        • clung to the idea of superman hitler who would come up with a super weapon to win the war
          • not unrealistic given development of V1 and V2 rockets
      • towards the end of the war germans were more concerned on personal survival rather than fighting
        • due to breakdown in government support and evacuation and refugee issues (individual and family survival)
      • hitler myth was begining to break down


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