Failures of the Third Crusade 1189-1192

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  • Their rivalry weakens the leadership of the Crusade. having powerful monarchs lead the crusade, hugely boosted morale for crusaders, god was on their side. However their division hindered the Crusade, and prevented full potential to be reached
    • from previous Crusades, leadership was an important factor to the outcome. FC succeed partly becuase of Bohemond, SC failed partly because Conrad and Louis VII didn't get on
  • Barbarossa had the most potential to lead a successful crusade - leadership and army etc. His death destroyed morale, which made his crusaders return home, without the large numbers that Barbarossa would bring = numbers would bring success.
  • without, fully capturing Jerusalem, it is impossible to say that the Crusade was successful - the aim was solely to regain the holy city.


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