how the lives of women changed in the 1920's- flappers etc.

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  • How the lives of women in the 1920's changed.
    • positives
      • Women started to smoke and drink in public and to go out without chaperones
      • They stopped wearing corsets. Skirts became shorter.
      • It became acceptable for women to drive cars and take part in energetic sports.
      • They wore a lot of jewellery and make-up.
      • Young women danced the new daring dances, such as the Shimmy and the Bunny Hug,
      • It was all the rage for women to cut their hair in a bob.
      • A new slang language developed.
      • Petting Parties and Flirt Clubs began where women could kiss men in public.
      • Increased use of contraception changed sexual habits.
    • negatives
      • Many women in the Bible Belt did not take part because they disapproved of the immorality.
      • Working class and rural women could not afford the new fashions and they didn't have the time to go out and enjoy social events.
      • Black women could not benefit from the changing lifestyle due to discrimination and poverty.
      • Older people disliked the immodesty of the flappers.


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