'How To...' Questions

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  • 'How To...' Questions
    • Randomly Allocate Participants 
      •  1. All participants are identified by name 
      • 2. Their names are put in a container. 
      • 3.     Names are drawn, and are allocated alternately to condition 1 then condition 2 until all participants have been allocated to a condition.
    • Counterbalance
      • 1. Divide the participant sample in half.
      • 2. Ensure one half completes the two conditions in one order and the other half completing the conditions in the reverse order. 
    • Match Participants
      • 1.      Complete a baseline assessment that measures the variable(s) related to the research aim. 
      • 2. Pair participants with a partner by matching their similarity on the variables relevant to the study.
      • 3.  Within each pair, randomly allocate one participant to each condition.


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