How did the Nazis maintain control of Germany?

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  • How did the Nazis maintain their control of Germany?
    • The SA
      • Uniform: Brown Shirts, swastika armbands.
      • Leader: Ernst Rohm.
      • Role: Hitler's private army.
      • Important Events: The Night of Long Knives.
    • The **
      • Uniform: Black Shirts and swastika armbands.
      • Leader: Heinrich Himmler.
      • Role: A private body guard for Hitler. Later became main means of terrorising and intimidation.
      • Important Events: The Night of Long Knives.
    • The Gestapo
      • History: Originally the Prussian secret police run by Goering. After June 1936 it became the state secret police.
      • Leader: Heinrich Himmler.
      • Role: Tapped telephones, intercepted mail and spied on people. Had a network of informed and anyone who spoke out against the Nazis could be reported to the Gestapo.
      • Reputation: They were the biggest threat to opponents of Hitler.
    • Newspapers
      • No national newspapers but 4700 local ones.
      • Some papers owned by big Jewish publishing firms.
      • Circulation of Nazi newspapers limited.
      • Goebbels took over most publishers.
      • He put controls on what journalists could write.
      • Set up a press agency to tell newspapers what the news should be.
    • Radio
      • A lot of radio was local, states like Prussia had their own radio.
      • Goering was determined to control radio in Prussia and wanted to control all of radio in a Reich Radio Company.
      • Reich Radio Company controlled all local radio stations.
      • Millions of cheap radios were made and by 1939 70% of households had a radio.
      • 6000 loud speaker pillars were erected in public squares.
    • Films
      • Germans were used to films which were made to a high standard and very entertaining.
      • Goebbels encouraged new films. Most were love stories, comedies or adventures.


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