Human Genome Project

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  • Human Genome Project
    • Human Genome - All the DNA sequences contained in the chromo-somes of an organism
    • Project Goals
      • Identify all the approximately 20,000 - 25,000 genes in human DNA
      • Determine the sequences of the 3 billions chemical base pairs that make up human DNA
      • Store this information in databases
      • Improve data analysis tools
      • Transfer related technologies to the private sector
      • Address the ethical, legal and social issues that may arise from the project
    • Beneficial Applications of the Project
      • Molecular Medicine
        • Improved diagnosis of disease
        • Gene Therapy
        • Drug control systems
      • Energy Sources/ Environmental Uses
        • New energy sources (biofuels)
      • Risk Assessment
        • Assess health damage and risks caused by radiation
        • Reduces the likelihood of heritable conditions
      • DNA Forensics
        • Identify potential suspects whose DNA may match evidence left at a crime scene
        • Identify crime and catastrophe victims
        • Exonerate persons wrongly accused of crimes
      • Agriculture
        • Creates disease, insect and drought resistant crops
        • More nutritious produce


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