Human Rights 4. To what extent has intervention in human rights contributed to development?

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  • To what extent has intervention in human rights contributed to development?
    • How the global governance of human rights issues has consequences for citizens and places, including short term effects, such as immediate relief from NGOs, and longer term effects, such as changes in laws
      • Short term effects
        • Benefits
          • Provision of shelter, sanitation, food and water
          • Medical assistance and provision of medicines
          • Military protection preventing further casualties, and providing protected areas to live and safety for aid workers
        • Negatives
          • Damage to property and infrastructure
          • Population displacement
          • Further disrespect for human rights
          • Civilian casualties
          • Disruption of education
          • Tensions can be fuelled over aid and conflict prolonged into longer term
          • Military action and ensuing dependence on aid can undermine the local agricultural economy
      • Long term effects
        • Improvement in health and life expectancy, including IMR and MMR
        • Educational equality, increased enrolment for girls and boys
        • Improved transport systems - physical access to services
        • Development of infrastructure networks
        • Internalisation of accepted societal norms
        • Freedom from abuse of women and children
        • Democratic elections, democratic government and political stability
        • Strengthened judicial system, including new national laws and stronger rule of law
        • Employment opportunities and reduction of poverty
        • Development of local agricultural systems including skills training / education
    • Global Governance in an LIDC - Honduras
      • Human rights issues
        • Unlawful use of force and corruption by police
        • Killings in rural areas over land disputes
        • Discrimination against indigenous people
        • Gang culture and drug-related violence
        • Organised crime of child labour and prostitution
        • Pervasive societal violence - sexual harrasment
        • Intimidation + killing journalists
        • Poverty
        • Limited access to primary health care
        • Limited access to education
      • Global governance strategies
        • UN sent HR adviser to Honduras, to strengthen government institutions working in human rights
        • USA provided $50million in security aid
        • Honduran government set up a Ministry for Justice and Human Rights, and a Minister for Security, + uses NGO's
      • Opportunities for stability, growth and development
        • Stability
          • Bilateral links with USA helping economy
          • Political stability being achieved with US support for anti-corruption, and free and fair elections
        • Economic Growth
          • USAID working in local areas to end poverty
          • USA, UN + civil society implementing new food security programs
        • Socio-economic development
          • Improve maternal and child health and nutrition
          • Decentralising to local authorities in rural + urban areas, to increase school enrolment
      • Challenges of inequality and injustice
        • Inequality
          • Inequality between rich and poor evident in rural areas - housing shortages + problems with water supply
          • Unequal access to education and health care, between boys and girls, and HIV positive people.
        • Injustices
          • Judges face acts of intimidation
          • Violence against children continues
          • Attacks on journalists continue


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