Human Rights Act 1998

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  • Human Rights Act 1998
    • Purpose
      • This piece of legislation ensures that the rights of service users are maintained and allows redress to occur in situations where people’s human rights have not been upheld. 
      • It affects both the provision of care services and care practice. 
      • Human rights are linked with care, as the service users have rights that must be upheld while they're in the care organisations care.
      • This legislation safeguards the human rights of people in care, who are  vulnerable, and allows people to challenge health care organisations if they feel their basic human rights are not being maintained 
    • The Rights
      • To liberty and life 
      • To respect for private and family life
      • To marry and start a family
      • To freedom of thought and expression
      • To freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment
      • To enjoy and protect own possessions
      • To freedom from unfair discrimination
    • Links to Care
      • the right to a private life links to the confidential information that health care organisations collect from people, in order to safeguard this right health care professionals are obligated to maintain confidentiality. 
        • Most health and social care services ask their staff to sign a confidentiality agreement, in order to prevent the circulation of private information. 


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