Humanistic approach

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  • Humanism
    • Assumptions
      • Unlike all the other approaches - it believes humans have total free will
      • The Humanistic approach is an idea that humans are essentially good and are always trying to do their best.
      • People have an innate need to make themselves and the world better
      • People are motivated to self actualise - personal growth is most important drive in humanism
    • Maslow's Hierarchy of Need
      • 1. Physiological - breathing, food, water, sex, sleep
      • 2. Safety - employment, morality, home, health
      • 3. Love/ Belonging - friends, family
      • 4. Esteem -  self esteem, confidence, achievement
      • 5. Self actualisation - Knowledge and success
      • All stages must be completed before we reach self actualisation
    • Evaluation
      • Gives people a positive way of thinking
      • Unscientific methodology - they investigate people individually instead of in groups in labs  which treats everyone the same
      • Practice applications
      • Isn't deterministic - believes people have the free will to determine their development


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