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  • I.C.D
    • Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui
      • Eclectic Movement
        • References to ook(2000) which was made from a workshop with actors that has mental disabilities
        • The movement can be varied styles that help to purvey narratives.
      • Cross over of art forms
        • In Sutra(2008) Larbi crosses over with art design to produce the boxes that the Shaolin Monks use
      • Collaboration
        • With Akram Khan to create the autobiographical piece Zero Degrees(2005)
      • Embracing cultural differences
        • The use of Kathak, Tai Chi, Flamenco and European Danca theatre
          • The duet Dunas(2009)7tfw is an example of a piece with Flamenco in it
          • Tezuka(2011) also used Kathak and Tai Chi
        • Can be influenced from background and also relating to how everyone should be able to dance.
      • New Forms of Staging
        • Sutra, the monks use rectangular blocks to stand on.
        • Helping to set the atmosphere visually for the audience.
      • Political Statements
        • Zero Degrees, provides evidence to how nobody should ever feel not whole
      • Historical/Social references
        • Faun(2009) which was created for the Spirit of Diaghilev
    • Mathew Bourne
      • Eclectic Movement
        • Classical rep changed to a story telling theme.
          • Nutcracker(1992) takes the original classical ballet and modernises with contemporary style.
      • Cross over of art forms
        • Theatre crossed over due to an influence of previous stage work in Broadway.
        • Cross over within art forms allows a clearer purveyal of themes.
      • Collabration
        • With Trevor Nunn, Richard Eyre, Sam Mendes, Yukio Ninagawa and John Carid.
        • Allows the theme to be opened up to other ideas.
      • Embracing Cultural Differences
        • References to the British royal family in swan lake.
      • New Forms of staging
        • Using more set to make the scene come alive.
      • Political Statements
        • Using an all male cast in Swan Lake to prove that men can do the female roles also
        • Relating to the political party at the time suggesting rules that have been put in place.
      • Historical/social references
        • In Nutcracker (1992), the piece is about values which socially connects to
        • Adding a new point to dance, to tell a story that no one has experienced it.


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