Identifying organisms - T2

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  • Identifying organisms - T2
    • Definitions
      • Ecosystem
        • System including organisms in an area and how they interact, along with non-living conditions.
        • Self-sufficient
      • Habitat
        • Place where an organism lives.
    • Keys  used to identify creatures.
      • Based on set of questions that look at visible features or characteristics
      • Spider keys - branches
      • Numbered keys - list
    • Ecosystems
      • Natural Ecosystem
        • Humans don't control the processes going on within it.
        • Large biodiversity.
      • Artificial ecosystem
        • Humans deliberately promote the growth of certain organisms and remove all unwanted species.
    • Zonation
      • A gradual change in the distribution of species across and habitat.
      • Due to physical factors or the effect of other organisms.
      • Displayed in a kite diagram.


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