If Only They Didn't Speak English - God

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  • God
    • they always say grace / there are churches everywhere
    • statistics
      • 9/10 Americans say they believe in God
        • 8/10 identify with a particular religion
      • 1/2 Americans deem religion to be important in their lives
        • 17% Britain
        • 13% France
        • the poorer a country is, the more religious it is
      • Pew Research Center report
        • the US is closer to considerably less developed nations, such as India, Brazil and Lebanon than other Western nations
          • women priests
          • gay clergy
    • you have to be religious to be moral
    • Merry Christmas / happy holidays
    • alcohol
      • they don't really drink
      • must always show ID
      • these ideas came from Puritans from England
    • separation of Church and state
      • yet religion is a focus
      • the same culture isn't seen in the UK
      • pledge of allegiance
      • In God We Trust - on a bank note
    • voting - Iowa votes first
    • religion wasn't always a talking point of candidates
      • started in the 70s as conservative backlash to secularism of 60s
      • abortion
      • banning school-sponsored prayer
    • anything that isn't Christian doesn't go
      • they wouldn't want a Muslim POTUS
      • 2001 - majority opposed same-sex marriage
        • 2016 - majority support it
          • democrat twice as likely to support as republican
      • gay rights vs religion
        • including transgender rights in North Carolins
        • Kim Davis refused to give a marriage license to a gay couple and was jailed for it
      • Roe vs Wade
        • Planned Parenthood attacks
      • death penalty
        • doesn't seem to be that Christian but is allowed


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