If Only They Didn't Speak English - Government [2]

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  • Government [2]
    • healthcare
      • even if you are rich, you can still be bankrupted by healthcare
      • people will go to the ER instead of a GP because they can't afford
      • Obamacare
        • opposition is due to ideology
        • Foundation for Economic Education
        • don't force people to help each other through taxation
        • getting something for nothing
      • the US spends the most on healthcare but has highest levels of obesity and child mortality
      • Trump proposed an NHS live on air
        • yet under Trump, healthcare became worse
    • America about the UK
      • apparently the UK is socialist
        • said while Cameron was PM (age of austerity)
      • the UK want the govt to do things, USA wonder if they govt is involved
      • USA as a federal govt spends less money on aid than UK
      • America is funded by philanthropists
      • people don't strike in America
    • Freedom Caucus - small govt
    • both Trump and H Clinton thought spending was the answer in 2016
      • Obama thought that spending on infrastructure would be good
        • but now Trump said it the idea took off
    • the president travels with an army
  • links to idea of no social contract between citizen and state


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