If Only They Didn't Speak English - Patriotism

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  • Patriotism
    • they love the national anthem - Star Spangled Banner
      • estimate: 1/2 of all American homes own a Stars and Stripes flag - if you fly a national flag in the UK its far right associated
    • General Social Survey
      • 84% of people - 'I would rather be a citizen of America than any other country in the world.'
      • Americans need to admit they are the problem
    • being a patriotic American is down to your own definition
      • national pride
      • nationalism
      • jingoism / xenophobia
      • American exceptionalism
        • Abram Lincoln - Americans had a duty to see that 'government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth'
        • liberty, individualism, republicanism should prevail overseas too
    • Obama
      • said that other countries think they're great too
        • people were offended
      • Marco Rubio - Obama had 'demonstrated a disregard for our moral purpose that at times flirted with disdain'
      • they said he was different, so he wasn't patriotic when he redefined it
    • you can't spell America without Erica
    • veterans
      • highly respected in American culture eg at football games
      • healthcare is corrupt
      • Trump was rude and racist to a family who lost their son in Afghanistan
        • all because they were a Muslim family from Pakistan
          • Trump banned Muslim countries travelling to the country
    • Americans randomly chant U-S-A
      • only compares to our Eng-er-land at football but not really
    • immigration
      • in the past (18th/19th century) ...
        • Irish famine, Italians, Jews
        • 1924  - Immigration Act - capped who could enter the country
          • were Jews fleeing Nazi spies... national security?
            • same as Trump's arguments for Middle East + Africa ban
              • Trump banned Muslim countries travelling to the country
    • Trump's patriotism
      • America should not prop up NATO
      • countries should have nuclear weapons
      • he is a Putin fan which upset the former KGB chief
      • believes in America first
        • originates from an antisemitic, pro-Hitler group
          • people wanted him to be more so
      • House Un-American Activities Committee, chaired by McCarthy
        • McCarthyism - wild accusations to attack those politically different from you


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