If Only They Didn't Speak English - Patriotism [2]

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  • Patriotism [2]
    • Trump switching up
      • he criticised Obama for getting involved in Syria
        • yet did the same after Bashar al-Assad dropped chemical weapons
          • he then got confused and said he had deployed missiles to Iraq
    • economic patriotism
      • UN General Assembly in NY, 2015
      • they don't like foreign investors
      • when Hilton Hotels sold Waldorf Astoria to the Chinese, presidents stopped staying there while in NY
      • they also had issues over the management of ports
        • even though shipping companies were generally foreign
          • Congress stopped Bush selling ports to UAE
      • when the UK backed the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (a Chinese rival to the World Bank)
        • White House official - 'worried about a trend of constant accommodation' of China by UK
          • officially the line was softer
          • Huawei causes road problems a lot in the UK with telecoms
            • rivalled only by Lila Connect
            • in 2012, America banned Huawei as a threat to national security
              • Huawei does not agree but is patient
    • before America used to import talent but now does not want to let it in


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