Impact of Industrialisation on the nature of warfare

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  • Impact of industrialisation on the nature of warfare
    • Industrialisation
      • Bigger wars over a larger area
        • longer wars
      • better weapons
        • larger range
          • greater fire power
        • more weapons
          • 97,000 handguns 1809 compared to 26,000
            • despite the french having a better industrial output that Russia as seen in 1812,  Russia generalship and tactics proved to out way there industrial advantage
    • Tactics
      • initially made warfare static as with the creation of the breech loading rifle
        • Later greater impact as brought back movement
          • Battle of Kursk 1943
        • Siege of peters burg american civil war - trench warfare
    • Organisation
      • Railways -> greater organisation of troops
        • Schlifflen plan 1914 quick deployment of troops to the Belgium border if this would have been slower if  Germany had not been so industrialised
        • Use of railways of  at balaclava to deliver  supplies  during the Crimean war
      • In later wars such as ww1 and ww2 the planning proved instrumental in the key to success  if the allies had not had had such good organisation the benefit of the us's industry would not have had so much of an impact  therefore  one could also say that generalship had a greater impact than industrialisation
    • Strategy
      • led to troops being brought in by railways
        • the more industrialisation the greater the impact on the strategy
        • Battle of 1st bull run
      • blitzkrieg - industry allowed to implement
    • Generalship
      • Did sometimes out weigh  better industr+ialised countries, as if the organisation was bad
    • Economy
      • Bigger impact than industrialisation as it had a larger effect poor economy lack of industrialisation = defeat as
      • Despite Russian having a large force of 1 million they did not have the railway to transport them in the Crimean war  this shows that the impact of economics had a bigger impact than industrialisation as a whole


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