Impact of policies and procedures

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  • Impact of polices and procedures
    • What changes have been made to caring professions?
      • Policies
        • Procedures
          • Codes of practice
            • Codes of conduct
              • Have become more specific
                • Procedures
                  • Codes of practice
                    • Codes of conduct
                      • Have become more specific
        • Presented so that they are easy to understand
          • Service users
          • Professionals
          • Carers
        • They are enforced more rigorously
        • Inspection agencies monitor the stnadards of care provision
          • Take immediate action when significant failing are identified
      • Mid Staffordshire Trust
        • Immediate action was taken after significant failings were found
          • In 2013
        • Reported by the Francis Report
        • Patient safety
          • Quality of care
            • Under public scrutiny
        • Because of the report it is now essential for all health care services to ensure they meet the best possible standards in care provision
        • What was found?
          • Chronic staff shortages
          • Patients having inadequate access to food and water
          • Patients left in soiled bedding
          • A culture where raising concerns was discouraged
          • A failure in management and leadership
      • The Francis Report 2013
        • The report made 290 recommendations
          • The need for openness
          • The need for transparency
          • The need for candour throughout the healthcare system
          • Improved support for compassionate caring
          • Committed care
          • Stronger health care leadership


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