Impact of the Depression

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  • Impact of the Depression
    • Causes
      • The USA had loaned a lot to Germany in the previous 5 years to help its economic prosperity
        • When America's stock market collapsed in 1929 they withdrew the loans
      • Stresemann died on 3rd Oct 1929, and many Germans he was the only person who could steer them through
    • Effects
      • German exports fell dramatically as international trade declined
      • Some Germans were unable to pay rent and ended up on the street
      • The chaos made people in favour of the Nazi Party
      • By 1932 the total unemployment figure exceeded 6 million
      • Political
        • Chancellor Muller was replaced by Heinrich Bruning of the Centre Party
          • Bruning did not have a majority and relied on Hindenburg using Article 48
            • Considered death of parliamentary democracy
            • Called a general election in Sep 1930 and Nazis won 107 seats (2nd biggest)
            • Resigned in May 1932
        • Bruning reduced government spending and became known as the Hunger Chancellor
        • Turmoil caused extremist parties to become more and more violent
      • Food shortages (3rd in 16 years)


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