Impact of WW1 on Germany

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  • Impact of WW1 on Germany
    • social
      • deepend divisons within german society
        • huge gaps between rich and poor
      • restrictions placed on workers' earnings
        • factory owners were making big profits
      • many women had worked in factories during the war
        • some believed this damaged family values
    • political
      • 9 november - Kaiser abdicated
        • power went to a Council of People's Representatives
      • Ebert and the SPD were in charge
        • they did not want a revolution
          • lead to civil war
          • disrupt demobilisation
          • dirupt the distribution of food
          • hinder peace negotiations
        • he was able to prevent a revolution
          • maintained support of the army
          • kept the support of industrialists - 8 hour day
          • working class was divided between communists and SPD
    • economic
      • industrial production was only two-thirds that of 1913
      • national income was one-third that of 1913
      • 600,000 widows and 2 million fatherless children
        • by 1925 the state was spending one-third of its budget on war pensions


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