The Impact of World War One on the Economic Boom in the USA in the 1920s

Mindmap of the different things the war had an effect on that would've then effected the economic boom.

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  • Impact of WW1 on the economic boom of the 1920s
    • War = Exports increase
      • Demand from Europe
        • Food
        • Weapons
      • Europe can't supply other countries so US does instead
      • Europe needs more raw materials
    • US take over lead in chemical industry
      • knockon effect
        • Plastics
        • Explosives
        • Inovation
    • Less trade competitors
      • Industry increases production
      • Increased capacity continues after the war
    • Loans to European countries
      • Paid back with interest
      • loans to Germany - trade more wirth them
      • Investing in countries
      • England and France esp.
    • Growth of farm production
      • Reduces need for foreign imports
      • Ends up being a bad thing
        • More supplied during war
          • Cant sell it all
          • Damages farmland (soil)
          • Food is worth less
          • Farners struggle
          • produce less - lose money
  • Europe needs more raw materials


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