Impacts of poor practice

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  • Impacts of poor practice
    • Health and safety issues
      • Spread of illness and disease
        • MRSA
      • Longer hospital stays = increased likelihood of infections
      • Increased risk of staff absences due to illness, injury, and mental health issues
    • Safeguarding concerns
      • Increased risk of abuse
      • Service users basic care needs not being met
      • Increased risk of neglect
      • Duty of care is not being ensured
    • Higher mortality and morbidity rates
      • Morality = death
      • Morbidity = long term illness/ condition
    • A culture where whistleblowing is discouraged
      • Increases the risk of unreported abuse
      • Poor practice will continue
      • Service users are put at risk of harm
    • Discimination
      • An increased risk of neglect of those who express the 9 protected characteristics
      • Codes of conduct/ practice are not being met
      • Increased risk of mental health problems in the service users
        • Depression
        • Anxiety
      • Higher risk of complaints not being made
    • Health and wellbeing of families
      • Increased levels of stress
        • Higher risk of developing a mental health issue
      • Longer hospital stays - financial issues
      • Poorer practice leads to longer recovery times
      • Ineffective communication between staff and families


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