Implementing computer-based information systems

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  • Implementing computer-based information systems
    • client involvement during the development of a custom-written software system
      • selecting - depend on many factors
        • custom-wiritten: user will specify functions of the software and the system will be developed to incorporate those functions. User can sell the software to other companies
        • custom-written: if mistakes are found in the code, then it may take some time to find and fix them.
        • Off-the-shelf: choice of manufactururs are sometimes greaterand the software is readily available.
        • off-the-shelf: functions included which are not needed by the user, and they cannot be removed. Also a large memory footprint.
      • implementing & supporting
        • staff need to be reassured that they are not losing their jobs
        • training sessions for staff to ensure they can be confident with using hte system
        • new system may cause problems despite testing etc,this may impacet on customers e.g. incorrect invoices.
    • custom-written and off the shelf software
        • custom-written
          • developing a system custom built for the client based on the end user's specified needs
        • off-the-shelf
          • any software  that can be purchased, installed and used immediately.
    • Installation methods
      • Parallel
        • old & new system run concurrently until there is complete confidence in new system
      • phased
        • system put in place in several smaller subsystems. each introduced one at a time, ensuring that each is working before the next is commissioned.
      • direct
        • new system completely replaces the old system on a given time.
      • pilot
        • requires selected dept. to use the new system. Once confidence is high, the new system can be implemented into another dept. and so on until all are using new system.
    • factors to be considered when selecting implementation methods
      • impact on organisation, staff, data/information
    • reviews
      • scheduelling
        • using a planned, schedueled review strategy will ensure that the system continues to provide satisfactory levels of performance to the users.
        • reviews of system can be schedueled to coincide with changes in the operation of the organisation using the system.
        • external changes may be legislation changes, including tax and VAT and data protection updates,
    • maintenance
      • perfective
        • when it may be good to change to enhance system performance. Requests from the end user e.g. more shortcut keys to help carry out proccesses & more online help etc
      • adaptive
        • when organisation has a new need that the system must fulfil. For example, because of legislation etc.
      • corrective
        • if there are any errors in the software. 2 types of error: 'programming error' (programmer made a mistake) and 'logic error' (system doesn't work/produce expected output as it was meant to
        • usually resolved though the use of patches.
    • decision about upgrading/installing software and hardware may depend on expertise of staff, prices, benefits, current systems
      • cost benefit analysis should consider the costs incurred, e.g. staff training.
      • if new software is installed, then the cost of the licenses needs to be considered.
      • new software must run on old system


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Quite a useful mind map of the main considerations when deciding to implement a new ICT system. This could be used to revise this part withing the systems lifecycle or used as reference when developing a system, as a useful aid to the analysis section.





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