Importance of home in Judaism

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  • Importance of the home in Judaism
    • Identity
      • Jewish identity is developed and moulded from a young age
      • Young Jews receive lessons in the home about their faith and its origin
      • Homes are rich with culture eg. symbols of longstanding tradition are displayed
        • Features
          • Mezuzah- box containing scriptures attached to all doorposts in the home. Respect is shown to it. Acts out a command given to Jews
          • Menorah- candles displayed in window, showing Jewish identity, represents light that burns in the temple
          • Mitzah- shows direction of Jurasalem, which is faced during prayer
          • Space in home left undecorated to symbolise destruction in ancient temple in Jerusalem
    • Place of worship
      • Shema recited 2 x a day in the home- most important prayer
      • [ORTHODOX] Say Modeh Ani upon waking up to thank G-d for blessing them with another day
    • Festivals & Traditions
      • Shabbat- every weekend, prepared for and celebrated in the home, Kiddush prayer said, Faith is enriched as a family, Re-enactment and homage to ancient tradition eg . Woman of house lighting candles
      • Passover


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