Improving Reliability

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  • Improving Reliability
    • Experiments
      • standardised procedures, standardised instructions; environment kept as constant as possible
      • Operationalise variables
      • Pilot test – to identify any problems
    • Observations
      • Behavioural Categories fully operationalise
      • Train observers and discuss so that observers are clear about how to interpret behaviour
    • Questionnaire
      • Questions might need to be re-written if they are too complex or ambiguous
      • Use more closed questions, leaves less room for (mis)interpretation.
    • Interviews
      • Use the same interviewer each time
      • Train interviewers carefully to ensure questions are asked in the same way
      • Use structured interviews, so the interviewer's behaviour is controlled by the fixed Q's.
    • Content Analysis
      • Categories carefully operationalised
      • Have more than one rater to carry out the analysis independently from each other.
        • Train raters in the correct interpretation and use of coding units.


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