improving the accuracy of eyewitness testimony

ci, eci, spi

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  • improving the accuracy of eyewitness testimony
    • why someone might forget
      • anxiety
      • interference
      • retrieval failure
      • leading questions
      • post event discussion
    • standard police  interview
      • questions are quick
      • question order doesn't match the witnesses mental representation
      • not able to talk freely
    • cognitive interview
      • context reinstatement
      • report everything
      • recall from a different perspective
      • recall in reverse order
    • enhanced cognitive interview
      • witness controlling the flow
      • no disruptions
      • open ended questions
      • reminded not to guess - 'I don't know'is an option
      • try to reduce
      • eye contact
    • research
      • Milne and Bull
        • argue that 'report everything' and 'reinstating context' really helps improve recall
      • Geiselman et al
        • ci was more effective than the spi
          • eci was thought to be even more effective
      • for eci
        • Verkampt and Ginet
          • compared to ci to spi to mci on 229 children after a painting exercise
            • ci and mci were better than spi mostly because the order could be disrupted
        • Coker
          • found good evidence that the eci could produce very good ewt when compared to the ci
            • but noted that results were better one week after the event rather than immediately
              • this shows that the timing of interviews are crucial
    • evaluation
      • strength: the ci is evidence that it works
        • a meta analysis by Kohnkental, 55 studies
          • comparing ci and eci with spi
            • only 4% increase in accuracy
        • counterpoint: Kohnken et al also found an increase in the amount of the accuracy recalled by participants
          • eci produced more incorrect information than the ci
            • ci= quantity -> quality of ewt
      • limitation: the original ci is that not all of its elements are equally effective or useful
        • Milne and Bull
          • each of the 4 techniques alone produced more information than the spi
            • report everything and reinstate context produced best recall
      • limitation: police officers may be reluctant to use the ci because it takes time and training
        • this suggests that the ci as it is exists is not as realistic
          • might be better to focus on key elements instead


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