In Cold Blood - 'Dreams'

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  • Dreams
    • Introduction:
      • Capote presents the death of dreams - dreams are unobtainable and unrealistic.
      • With the death of the Clutters, the American dream becomes inaccessible to everyone.
        • It isn't the ultimate goal now. Death of American dream.
      • Even the execution of D and Perry represent the death of them ever achieving their dream.
      • There is a juxtaposition of those who can achieve and those who cannot achieve the American Dream - Contrasts the definition! Presented by Capote to be unfair!
    • Extract 1: The Clutters  (page 5-6)
      • They are depicted as being a hardworking family
        • They own a 'large' piece of the US
          • This is as a result of Herb having huge success of achieving the American Dream - he has worked hard and earned his own wealth to support his family.
        • This is reflected in their family dynamic, their routine and their success.
      • They are the embodiment of the American Dream
        • Herb is 'the community's most widely known citizen'.
        • Nancy is named 'the town darling'
      • It appears that everyone adores them.
      • They represent the perfect, successful family
        • This is why people were so shocked that they were murdered.
    • Extract 2: D and Perry (page 217)
      • The pursuit for the dream is driven by D - he is the Criminal Mastermind.
        • Like D's childhood experiences, their dream become unobtainable when they realise that there is no money from the Clutters.
      • Though their experiences were different growing up, the dream was unobtainable for both.
        • D - 'semi-poor', cannot afford to go to college.
        • Perry - abysmal, tragic childhood
        • If their circumstances were better, would their futures have been different?
    • Extract 3: Perry's dream (page 85-86)
      • The yellow bird symbolises hope for Perry.
        • He had a very abusive, neglectful upbringing.
      • The dreams started when Perry was at the Orphanage - he dreams of being preyed on by a snake yet the bird swoops down and saves him from being eaten.
        • The abuse that he suffered is why he is creating protection for himself
          • Did the abuse stop him achieving the AD?
      • His mother was an alcoholic, his father left him. When Perry went to live with his dad, he tried to shoot Perry.
        • He suffered abuse at the Orphanage, at home and whilst being enrolled in the Navy.


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