In-groups and Out-groups

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  • In-groups and Out-groups
    • Prejudice - Forming negative attitudes about a group's members to make us feel better about our own group.
    • Evaluation - STRENGTH, we can take steps to reduce prejudice by getting people to reduce their clique mindset and to challenge stereotypes. STRENGTH, Allport and Postman did a study where they showed a white man holding a knife to a black man, but they recounted it the other way around because of stereotypes, this shows that stereotypes exist. WEAKNESS, the social approach may not be the best explanation, some people are prejudice through their personality and not just because of social factors.
    • Discrimination - The outcome of prejudice, people are then excluded from the group.
    • Stereotypes - Social categorisation divides people into social groups based on their shared characteristics (gender, ethnicity, age). Social Learning Theory (SLT) we learn through social interaction (e.g. seeing racist behaviour being rewarded (vicarious reinforcement).


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