"In relation to a product you have used, discuss how the designer has addressed environmental and technological challenges"

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  • "In relation to a product you have used, discuss how the designer has addressed  environmental and technological challenges"
    • The breville toaster has been developed to its modern day form from a market pull of 'Emerging food trends' such as eating a bigger variety of foreign breads and the larger portion size from that originally built in
      • Good design Australia.com : The original '74 from past entries
  • Technological challenges for a Breville Toaster
    • Environmental challenges for a Breville Toaster
      • Product Life-cycle
        • Transport to shops
        • Manufacturing process
        • Sourcing of materials and extraction
        • Disposal
      • Does it meet the 6 R's?
        • Refuse
        • Reuse
        • Renew
        • Rethink
        • Reduce
        • Recycle
      • Sustainability
        • Impact on the environment
        • Maintaining a balance between the manufacturing process and the consideration of the environment and people in the area
      • PLC
        • Disposal
    • Hygiene
      • Must be easy to clean
    • Appealing to a global market
      • Electrical element- must have a global voltage
    • Heat-proof
      • Designers cannot build  in defects to products to increase their sales. This will affect their reputation and is illegal
    • Must be able to fit a range of different-sized modern breads
    • Must be able to cut the bread as well as toast it
    • Must not rust (prevent oxidization)
    • Has to be hot enough
      • Timings- how the consumer can see it's hot enough and time it takes to warm up/cool down
      • Non- stick
        • Don't want the food to burn and then damage product
        • Fit many types of bread


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