health and social care incidents and emergencies

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  • Incidents and emergencies
    • Accidents
      • Accidents can be the result of poorly maintained areas, fittings or equipment
      • A fractured limb can result from a slip on a wet bathroom floor
      • Electrical injuries from faulty wiring or burns and scalds from hot water temperatures
      • In health and social care settings people may have reduced mobility
    • Exposure to infections
      • Individuals may be more susceptible to bacterial infections such as gastroenteritis
      • Poor environmental conditions such as inadequate ventilation and lack of running water
      • Poor working practices like inadequate cleaning facilities and poor personal hygiene can increase the growth of pathogens
    • Exposure to chemicals
      • Exposure t chemicals can occur if individuals are exposed to a hazardous substances when doing day-to-day work
      • Hazardous substances are classified as very toxic, harmful and corrosive
      • Exposure to these can also occur unexpectedly if a spillage has occurred or safe practices as specified in the manufacturers instructions for storing
    • Spillages
      • Spillages of body fluids, such as blood, vomit, urine and faeces, can lead t outbreaks of infections and cause diseases if they are contaminated with pathogens
      • Spillages of waste and other hazardous substances also have the potential to have serious consequences for those who work
    • Intruders
      • When premises are poorly maintained there may be broken doors and/or inadequate window locks which could result in intruders entering the building
      • Intruders may also access premises du to poor working practices that fail to ensure that only those who are unauthorised have access
    • Aggressive and dangerous encounters
      • Accidents can also result from aggressive and dangerous encounters, such as bruised eye from and individual hitting
      • A fall down the stairs by an individual who has abused alcohol or a bite to the arm from an aggressive individual who has abused drugs
    • Fire
      • Fire safety is important so is knowing how to stop it from spreading and knowing how to prevent it
      • Fires will only start if these components are present; solid, liquid or gas items that can burn
    • Floods
      • Floods in premises are usually caused by water escaping from an item inside the premises like; washing machines, bath, toilet and water tank/ pipes
      • This can be due o the failure to carry out routine maintenance checks, this is the potential long term damage to the premises
    • Loss of water supply
      • A loss of water supply could indicate that there is a burst pipe somewhere in the premises or that there may be a leak in the mains system
      • Most commonly due to a failure of routine maintaenece checks, this can have an impact on key care and support activities that involove cleaning


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