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  • Individual Crimes: Statistics and Facts
    • Hate Crimes
      • Recognises 5 types of crime on the basis: race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, transgender
      • ending March 2022, there were 155,841 hate crimes recorded by the police. increase of 26% from year ending March 2021  
      • ·109,843 race hate crimes, 8,730 religious hate crimes, 26,152 sexual orientation hate crimes, 14,242 disability hate crimes and 4,355 transgender hate crimes in year ending March 2022
      • Rising trends due to improvment in police recording and after terrorist attacks of 2017
      • Lower levels of crime recorded end of march 2021 due to covid 19 restrictions
      • 51% of  public disorder offences, 41% were violence against a person,5% were recoded as arson or property damage
      • 70% of ate crimes were racially motivated and increased by 19% from march 2021 to march 2022
    • Honour Crime
      •  crime involving violence, threats of violence, intimidation coercion or abuse which has or may have been committed to protect or defend the honour of an individual, family
      • honour based crimes could include Attempted murder;   Manslaughter, Procuring an abortion, Encouraging or assisting suicide; Conspiracy to murder Conspiracy to commit a variety of assaults.
      • Forced Marriage
        • specific forced marriage offences under section 121 of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014
        • any criminal offence of threatening behaviour, violence or abuse  that has been carried out in the context of a forced marriage either
        • to coerce a parties into marrying without their consent, which would be prosecuted for the specific offence committed
        • After a forced marriage without the consent of one or both parties and where duress is a factor, which again would be prosecuted 
    • Domestic  Abuse
      • ending March 2020, an estimated 2.3 million adults aged 16 to 75 years experienced domestic abuse in the last year 
      • decrease in the year ending March 2009, has resulted in a lower of domestic abuse aged 16 to 59 years  ending March 2020 (6.3%), compared with the year ending March 2005
      •  cost of domestic abuse is estimated to be approximately £66bn for victims of domestic abuse in England and Wales for the year ending March 2017.
      • Domestic Abuse Act 2021: create a statutory definition of domestic abuse, emphasising that domestic abuse is not just physical violence, but can also be emotional, controlling or coercive, and economic abuse.


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