individual differences - cognitive approach evaluation

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  • cognitive approach evaluation
    • not comprehensive theory
      • Criticised for only being able to explain cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia
      • Other symptoms such as issues with movement are not explained
      • The cognitive approach can explain proximal causes but not distal causes of schizophrenia
      • Also criticised for only describing cognitive deficits and not he origins of those deficits
    • supporting evidence
      • Models proposed by beck and frith have lead to tremendous scientific research being conducted
      • Barch et al 1999 - compared performance on stroop test of those with and without schizophrenia
      • Found that those with schizophrenia were slower on stroop test and made more mistakes
      • Concluded this as evidence people with schizophrenia couldn't filter information as effectively
      • Supports idea that attentional filters of those with schizophrenia is defective


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