Inequalities of Race

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  • Inequality and Race (Lessons 13-15)
    • Key Terms
      • Race
      • Ethnicity
      • Ethnicity pay gap
      • Moral panic
      • Islamophobia
      • Institutional racism
      • Scapegoating
    • How has the nmedia affected inequality and race?
      • Presentation of black people
      • Presentation of Asian people
      • Racist language
      • Number of ethnic minorities
      • What have the BBC done to try and improve the situation?
    • How does the ethnicity pay gap impact people from ethnic minority backgrounds?
    • Sociologists on race and ethnicity
      • Toyin Agbetu
      • Jan Van Diyk
      • Stuart Hall
    • Ethnicity and life chances
      • Impact on jobs/income (include statistics)
      • Impact on health
    • What happened to Stephen Lawrence and what did the investigation show about police in the UK?
      • Macpherson Report
    • The Law
      • Race Relations Act
      • Equality Act 2010
    • Why do Marxists think racism benefits the rich?
      • Castles and Kosack
    • Immigration
      • What do immigrants get blamed for?
      • What reasons do people have for emigrating?
      • Functionalists on immigration
      • What benefits do immigrants bring?


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