Inequality and Opportunity

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  • Stratification and Differentiation - Lessons 1-3
    • Keywords
      • Ineuqlity
      • Opportunity
      • Meritocracy
      • Stratification
      • 'Open system'
      • 'Closed System'
      • Social Mobility
    • Sociological Theories
      • How do Functionalists view stratification?
      • How do Marxists view stratification?
    • Life-chances
      • What things give people good life chances?
      • What things give people poor life-chances?
      • How can life-chances affect things like health, education and jobs?
    • Class-system
      • What are the 6 classes said to make up our society?
      • How can someone move up into a higher social class?
      • What barriers might make it difficulty for someone to move into a higher social class?


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