Inequality in society

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  • Inequality in society
    • Gender
      • Rise in feminism
        • Patriachal society
      • Equal Pay Act (1970) to reduce gender inequalities.
      • Gender work stereotypes still exist
      • Glass ceiling
      • Double burden/Triple shift
      • Part time work/low pay
        • Maternity leave
          • Childcare is expensive
      • Under represented in parliament
        • Cresh
      • Sex Discrimination Act
      • More at risk of poverty
      • Achieve better results
    • Class
      • Traditional working class communities have declined e.g coal mining
      • Class identities have weakened (blurred lines)
      • U/C have more power/status
      • Old boys network= not meritocratic
      • Murray's underclass theory
    • Age
      • Ageism
      • Young people
        • Negatively stereotyped
        • Seen as less experienced for work
      • Older people
        • Seen as unfit for work
    • Ethnicity
      • The Equality and Human Rights 
      • 1976 Race Relations Act outlawed discrimination based on ethnicity 
      • Less likely to be hired due to lower english standards
      • Institutional racism
      • Over represented in crime
      • Higher rates of unemployment/underachievement
      • Under represented in parliament/ big management roles
    • In this view, class, gender, ethnicity and age are seen as interlinked aspects of inequality rather than as completely separate aspects.


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