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  • Process of Infection
    • Colonisation
      • Reservoirs  harbour infectious microorganisms
      • Transmitted
        • Direct contact eg. *****-oral
        • Vectors (indirectly) eg. Insects
        • Human-to-human transmission by aerosolized microorganisms in droplets eg.coughing
        • physical contact eg.sexual contact
      • After transmission microorganism stabilizes adherence to the tissue through specific surface receptors
    • Invasion
      • Infectious agent invade surrounding area
      • Mechanisms are developed to avoid hosts specific and non specific defences (inflammationand immunity)
    • Multiplication
      • Undergo rapid multiplication
        • bacterial pathogens
          • replicate in macrophages & other cells
        • viral pathogens
          • replicate within infected cells (viral pathogens);
      • Warm, nutrient filled host environment
    • Spread
      • localized infections: dont spread to other regions of the body
      • highly invasive organisms enter lymphatics, blood, internal organs
      • Successful spread - relies on virulence factors
        • adhesion molecules
        • protection against host’s inflammatory and immune system
        • toxins
      • Host has….
        • Intact immune system
          • microorganism remains localized
        • Immune or inflammatory system compromised
          • infection may rapidly spread


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