influence of Galen (gcse history)

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  • influence of Galen
    • believed in Hippocrates' theory of 4 humours
      • developed this further by creating theory of opposties
        • when you were ill, the opposite would be applied to the humour is excess
          • eg if had a fever (bc you were too hot) could be cooled down by eating a cucumber
    • believed that bc body fits so perfectly together (like a jigsaw) must have been designed
      • concluded thedesigner must be God
        • church supported Galen as his work supported church's teachings that God created humans
          • they thus didnt allow anyone to challenge Galen's ideas
            • Roger Bacon arrested by church for criticising Galen in the 1200s
    • dissected animals as dissection was banned by the church
      • carried out pig experiment
        • proving (by cutting its nerves until it stopped squealing) that brain (not heart) controlled body


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