Initial Duties

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  • Initial Duties
    • Obtain deceased will
      • Copy not enough - unless permission given by probate registry
      • If no will
        • Initial inquiries must be made to ensure deceased did actually die intestate
          • Did deceased have a will or mention a will to best of relatives knowledge?
            • if will did exist
              • was it revoked?
                • Intestacy rules
              • was it lost?
                • efforts must be made to reconstruct will
    • Does will contain instruction for funeral?
      • Carry out instructions
    • Obtain copy of death certificate
      • may need to register death
    • Secure deceased property
      • May need to obtain assets and documents for safe keeping
    • Obtain details of deceased assets and liabilities
      • In order to obtain grant PR's will need to produce a schedule of assets and liabilities
    • Ascertain who beneficiaries are
      • Will or Intestacy rules


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