Unit 3: Nutrient Pollution - Inorganic Nutrient Pollution

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  • Inorganic Nutrient Pollution - plant nutrients e.g. NO3-, PO4-
    • Sources
      • Farmland runoff after fertiliser application and ploughing
      • Sewage effluent
      • Ingested in food
      • Breakdown of dead organic matter
    • Effects
      • Blue-baby syndrome - bacteria in the gut converts nitrates to nitrites and reduce blood O2 capacity (infants high risk due to more bacteria)
      • Nitrates and cancer (inconclusive) - nitrates converted to nitrites converted to nitrosamines which are potentially carcinogenic
      • Cultural eutrophication - nutrients increase algal growth
        • Blue-green algae release toxins
        • Floating algae shades plants which causes deoxygenation
        • Algal populations fluctuate which can change nutrient levels
    • Controls
      • Reduced nitrate fertiliser use
      • Reduced ploughing (especially in heavy rain)
      • Avoid dumping manure in places that can leach
      • Use less soluble, slow release fertilisers


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