Inspector Calls - Inspector Goole

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  • Inspector Goole
    • The Inspector takes complete charge
    • The Inspector is an outsider and has nothing in common with the Birlings
    • He's described as authoritative and imposing. He's not a big man - but his presence fills the room
    • Inspector Goole is moral "We don't live alone. We are members of one body"
    • Inspector Goole is authoritative "All in good time"
    • Inspector Goole is mysterious "Was it a hoax?"
    • Inspector Goole is an outsider "The rude way he spoke to Mr Birling and me - it was quite extraordinary!"
    • The Inspector is the driving force of the play
    • "Calls" is a deceptive word to describe the Inspector. he may appear casual but he's actually single minded and calculating. He 'calls' the shots
    • The Inspectors language is motive and personl
    • He describes Eva as "pretty" and "lively". These attractive words create sympathy for her
    • The sympathy is strengthened by the harsh tone he uses to describe her death
      • He says that she is now lying "with a burnt-out inside on a slab"
    • The Inspector uses shock tactics
      • He answers his own questions if he's not happy with the answer
    • He rings the doorbell as Arthur says "a man has to mind his own business" as if to prove the opposite


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