Insulating Homes and Specific Heat Capacity

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  • Insulating Homes and Specific Heat Capacity
    • Saving energy by insulating the home
      • Covering the loft floor and hot water tank with fibreglass wool reduces conduction and radiation
      • Injecting foam into cavity walls reduces convection and radiation
      • Fitting draught-proofing around doors reduces convection
      • Fitting double glazing reduces conduction and radiation
    • U-Values
      • Shows how quickly heat travels through a  material
      • Lower the U-Values, the better the material is as an insulator
    • Specific Heat Capacity
      • The amount of energy that is required to change the temperature of 1kg of the substance by 1C
      • Calculates how much energy is stored in an object
      • Calculates how much energy is required to raise the temperature of a material by a certain amount
      • Concrete and bricks have a high SHC - they store heat energy at night and gradually release it during the day


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