Intention to Create Legal Relations

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  • Intention to Create Legal Relations
    • Commercial Agreements
      • Presumption: contractual intention - difficult to rebut
        • Carlill could not rebut the presumption
      • Rebutting presumption - honour clauses
        • Rose & Frank v Crompton - Jones v Vernons Pools
          • Kleinwort Benson v Malaysia Mining Corp - letter of comfort, no intention to assume legal liability
    • Social and Domestic
      • Presumption: no contractual intention - based on public policy (floodgates)
        • Balfour v Balfour
          • Compared with Merritt v Merritt
        • Rebutting presumption
          • Context of agreement - Snelling v John G Snelling
            • More than 'trivial matters' - Parker v Clark


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