Interactionist approach to schizophrenia

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  • Interactionist approach
    • Diathesis-stress model
      • Schizogene exists but must be triggered by external stressor to develop schizophrenia
      • Genetic vulnerability + Negative psychological experience
      • Psychological stressors include: family dysfunction; substance abuse; critical life events
    • Research evidence
      • Barlow and Durand (2009)   Family history coupled with dysfunctional stressor increased risk
      • Tienari et al (2004) Those reared in "healthy" families were protected, even with high genetic risk
    • Treatments
      • Drugs first to reduce symptoms so that psychological treatments work better
      • Turkington et al Schizophrenia has a biological basis but uses CBT to relieve psychological symptoms
    • Evaluation
      • Supported by research evidence
      • Practical applications; shows schizophrenia needs combined therapies
      • Less reductionist than bio/psych explanations as takes both into account
      • States schizophrenia caused by schizogene when we know it is polygenic
      • Treatment-causation fallacy; just because a treatment works doesn't mean we have found the cause


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