Internal Factors Causing Change

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  • Internal Factors Causing Change
    • Change in management / leadership
      • Often leads to further changes
      • New director might have different ideas how the business should be run
      • Could lead to changes in organisational culture / business structure
    • Better than expected performance
      • Could lead to decision to expand the business & take advantage of increased profits
    • Poor financial performance
      • Could lead to retrenchment
    • Changes to the staff
      • Could mean business no longer has required skills
      • Further changes could need to be made
      • Company might go through:
        • Recruitment
        • Retraining
        • Outsourcing their work
    • Business growth
      • Can lead to other changes
      • A business expanding into international markets might have to adapt its product range to meet consumer needs there
    • Type of business
      • Can influence the amount of change
      • Innovative business
        • Could keep coming up with new ways of doing things
        • Business continually changes to use new methods
      • Traditional business
        • Might prefer to stick to the old, tried & tested methods


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